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Nick Hennessey is an internationally acclaimed storyteller, playwright, folk singer, song writer and musician. He has told stories for more than 20 years, performing at venues such as the Southbank Centre and the Royal Albert Hall. He is particularly drawn to North European cultural traditions. Nick has a deep appreciation for the key role that stories play in how we learn about and express ourselves and the world.

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JUNE 6th 2020!

The VIRTUAL East Anglian Storytelling Festival.

A Video Introduction From Our Patron - Taffy Thomas MBE!

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No virus can keep a good story down for long. On 6th June, the stories will out!

Let our fabulous storytellers take you on a voyage of discovery to strange and undiscovered places every bit as magnificent as Cressing Temple Barns.  Turn your own kitchen, garden shed, or high ceilinged moothall into a palace filled with stories.

On June 6th  we will be hosting three separate events for your enjoyment.

3.00pm - Sarah Rundle and Nick Hennessy tell family stories: 

For adventurous 8 year olds upwards.

4.30pm - The great East Anglian four counties storytelling challenge: 

It will be thrilling, it will be fast-paced as storytellers from every part of the region contribute three minute stories in an attempt to win the coveted golden toilet roll for their county.

8.00pm - A Conversation of Storytellers.  

Join our headline tellers, Nick Hennessy and Sarah Rundle, for talk, tales, and a switchback ride through the world of story.

How to join us for Storytelling Magic! :

Zoom links will be posted here and on social media a day or so before the Big Day!

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Our Festival decorations are lovingly made by Amy Wragg - Thank You, Amy!

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Sarah Rundle is a professional storyteller and actor based in West London. She has performed at the Earls Court and Milton Park festivals, supported comedian Milton Jones and worked with the New Wimbledon Theatre. Sarah weaves complex tales, stories within stories, with unexpected twists. Her repertoire includes folk tales from Britain and Ireland, stories from the Middle East and the Silk Road, along with yarns from Finland and above the Arctic Circle. 

Please donate to 
help us run the festival!

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