'We had such a lovely time at the festival. We were the strangers who ended up camping with all of the story tellers and we could not have felt more welcomed. Such a diversity of talents and loved that you had some activities for the kids so we could have a little down time too. But most of all, I love that there are tellers like you all keeping this tradition alive and making connections with eager audiences like us. Thank you and hope to see you next year!'

Sarah, Festival 2018.

'This was the first time I went to the storytelling festival and it open my eyes to what story telling was all about...... I loved all the different styles and ways in which each story was told. The meaning behind them may be old but brought to us in a modern way'. 

Stacy, Festival 2018 

'Fascinating Fables, Twisted Tales, Scintillating Stories. A weekend of cunning convolutions and moral meanings.

Wonderful Weekend!'

Jane, Festival 2018


'The East Anglian Storytelling Festival 2015 was a delight and an ongoing surprise.  So many great storytellers, most of them new for me, a whole richness of stories of all kinds, lots of them new for me, and many known ones re-imagined through each storyteller's unique gifts.


I loved the story circles, the sessions for (tellers to) children, the folk music, and the pub sessions.

There was an ambiance of camaraderie, generosity and laughter which I love.  Pursuing my own developing interest in stories for prisoners, I was happy to speak to others who had experience in this or are planning to do it or would like to.  This was a fine thing, as I'm still feeling my way with my audience. All my hopes and wishes came out, and I had a marvelous time.


Thank you to every single one of you who worked to make this happen!  I can guess how much work it was, and I hope it was as successful for you as it was for me.'

Kathleen van der Weerdcontributor, Festival 2015