The East Anglian Storytelling Fabulation!

The East Anglian Fabulation are a group of storytellers and supporters from four East Anglian counties, all with a fine history of putting on stimulating, popular and successful storytelling events, who share a common wish to celebrate what is unique about storytelling in East Anglia.
We celebrate everything that is fun, intriguing, fascinating and entertaining in the tradition of East Anglian storytelling. We have held our last five festivals in locations in Suffolk and Norfolk, and in 2020, we are delighted to hold the festival at Cressing Temple Barns in Essex, a site rich in history that provides a superb backdrop for our storytellers. The Festival is non-profit making and is organised entirely by volunteers. 

What happens at the festival? 

  • Daytime and evening storytelling on 6th June 2020.
  •  Daytime storytelling sessions will engage and entertain both adults and children, encouraging them to to question, to think, and most of all to laugh and be creative.
  • In the evening the stories turn a little darker, our tellers will fascinate and intrigue, and may be a little unsettling. 
  • Story rounds, where newer storytellers tell their stories.
  • Sessions featuring regional professional tellers and nationally renowned headline artists.
  • Professional development sessions led by established artists sharing their practice, including networking time. 
Our Aims

We want to entertain and seduce our audiences in the delights of storytelling. Stories serve to teach, to warn, to touch our souls, our compassion, our best selves and our moral compass. We want to bring the magic of stories back into our modern day lives.